I Came into a Nice Windfall

It has been a really good week for me, although for the most part I really do not have a great deal to do with it. About three months ago I met this guy who works with a friend of mine. I had not seen the other guy for a couple years, he had been in England he told me. At any rate, both of these guys are math geniuses, and they both make absurd amounts of money working in stuff that makes my head hurt. They were telling me about how they had used a casino siteleri to make a bunch of bets and they were making a lot of money at it. Normally I would have laughed, but I knew that these were serious people and I really wondered what they meant by a lot of money. Obviously when I say a lot of money, I have a good idea of what I mean. If Bill Gates said a lot of money, then I would suspect he was thinking of a really big number.

At any rate I gave these guys all of the money I could spare, which happened to be a couple hundred bucks right then. They called me up to ask me how I wanted to get my winnings, telling me that they had been banned from the web page that they had been using. Of course I gave them my PayPal, but I was not ready for the size of the sum that they sent me. In fact I started to think about whether or not I would be able to get away with not telling the IRS about it. In fact I am pretty sure that the IRS learns about it when the sum is as big as this one is, and that I have to pay the taxes.