I Spent Two Weeks in Ankara

That is in Turkey if you did not know. I had not ever been there before, although once a few years back I spent like five hours in the Istanbul airport terminal waiting for a connecting flight back to London. The company sent me here to look at a project. I figured out why they were nervous about it very quickly. The people we were dealing with were trying to slip some nonsensical numbers past us and the fact is that they were unreliable partners in any case. I did learn what casino siteleri means from my driver. He was a bit of a maniac, and completely obsessed with some football team that I had not ever heard about. At any rate he was telling me about how he was certain that he was going to make a small fortune betting on a parley. For the laughs I got out a twenty euro note and gave it to him to bet for me.

At any rate I went about my business and I figured out that this entire deal was a house of cards sitting on a shaky table. For one thing they were covering up a huge problem with the site itself, the ground was not stable. It was a shaky table in an area where earthquakes are very common. It was all a big scam, they had probably bribed the local officials to falsify the surveys. At any rate I was packing up and getting ready to go when my driver showed up and asked me how I wanted my winnings. I had no clue what he was talking about, but he told me that I had won a huge number of Turkish lira betting on four soccer matches. I shrugged, but eventually he gave me around a hundred and ten euros.